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Tampa Natural Health

As a Master herbalist, people are drawn to me for the skill and knowledge that I possess regarding the use of Herbs as Food and as Medicine.

Here at the Health Hut Herb Farm and Educational Center  I promote Health using the Plant Kingdom.

The consultation is one and one half hour in length.The goal of the consultation is to determine the cause of your health issue and prepare a wellness program to address your current health issue using Herbs and Food.

During the consultation I will gather information in the following ways:

  • You are asked to bring to me a 3- day food diary and a 3- day bowel movement diary.
  • Questions will be asked of you Regarding the history of your health.
  • Questions will be asked of you Regarding: Present health challenges.
  • Questions will be asked of you Regarding: What medications, herbs and supplements you are currently taking
  • Tongue Reading:   I will examine your tongue.
  • Pulse Reading:   I will read the pulse.
  • Physiognomy is the art of Reading facial features.  "The sins committed on the body manifest in the face as lines and sagging tissues."

Cost of the Consultation is: $75 .00  Payment Methods:  Cash, Credit Cards and checks

Herbal Supplements are not included in the  consultation.
If you are interested in a consultation please call to make an appointment. 

If you are a new client you will be asked to give me your credit guard.  If you do not show up for the appointment and / or do not cancel within 24 hours, your credit card will be charged $25.00.

The Health Hut is also open to those who do not desire a consultation and would like for me to prepare an Herbal Product from the Organic Extracts and / or dried herbs which I have in Stock.

We also have a Retail Store which you can purchase Organic Herbal Products: such as pre-made Herbal teas and Tinctures for common health issues.  We also have in stock Organic dry herbs, Organic Tinctures which are offered in three varieties Alcohol, Vinegar and Vegetable Glycerin. We also carry waxes, clays, Green Teas and Black Teas, Kitchen herbs and spices, bottles, jars, tubes, etc.

If you are interested in a custom formulation I can create it for you.

I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose and prescribe, and our services do not take the place of a physician.  We do not use any surgical technique or any legend drugs, and that the substances we use are all legally sold over the counter and regulated as dietary supplements.

Rose Kalajian - Herbalist
phone:  813-991-5177
email:  rose@imherbalist.com