From Left to Right are the Following Herbalists.....  
Deborah Bowers, Theresa Vasquez, Vanessa Pinkham, Amy Lidman, Mettaya Farrell, Rebecca Fox, Jennifer DeJesus, Audrey Presson, and Liz Perchoux

The Graduates of the Herbalist Training Program 2016-2017.

From Graduate Mary Pipp-Herbalist  9/2019
Thank-you so much for a fantastic year!  I learned so much from your wonderful herbal training class.
You have opened a whole new fascinating world for me to explore.  Your enthusiasm for herbs is contagious.  Your warm, kind, sparkling spirit has been magnificent!
Love Mary

When I signed up for Rose's Herbal classes one year ago,, I was excited.  I had always wanted to learn about herbs and their health benefits.  When I got into the classes, i found Rose's knowledge on the herbs was astounding.  Her goal was to transfer that knowledge to us.  She did a fantatic job!  We all studied very hard.  She was there to answer all of our questions and teach us how to make tinctures, salves, infusions, decoctions, compress, poultices, syrups pills and more.She has required nothing but excellence from her students.  She also taught us how to make fermented vegetables the right way, which I love.  We walked her property to collect herbs to make bug bite paste.  We drove around to look for elderberry trees so we could collect the elderberries to make immune building syrup.  That was an adventure!  Rose has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  When I go outside now, I find I am surveying the landscaping looking for hers.  Rose's enthusiasm for the herbs has been contagious.  Now, thanks to Rose, I am always looking at flowers and plants on the earth for their health benefits.  After talking to Rose, I even harvested the "Honey Mushroom" from my yard and made cream of mushroom soup.  Also, thanks to Rose, I harvested the herb "Spanish Needles", one of the strongest natural antibiotics in the world, from my front yard and made a tincture.  The knowledge and experience I have gotten from Rose over the last year has been sensational.  She is passionate about herbal medicines and has transferred that to me.  I am extremely grateful for everything Rose has taught me.  This has been a year I will never forget.
From Graduate Mary Pipp-Herbalist  9/2019
11/09/19...Sammy, student of the herbalist training program, has harvested Turmeric from our farm and is preparing it for the dehydrator!
Nila, a student of the Herbalist Training Program (2019-2020) Who harvested from this farm "POKE ROOT'

 Shiitake Mushroom growing on our farm!  It is growing on a inoculated log.

Maria Perales-Nieto

I used Lemongrass for my solar infusion. The flavor was lighter than the regular infusion.  Delicate flavor.  As I was sipping my tea, it transported myself in a journey filled with sun rays and very peacefully.  I felt the beautiful nature of our Creator in a field of flowers and trees.  It reminded me of the blessings that nature give us everyday and that I sometimes take for granted. It was indeed a beautiful experience.